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New Application and Usage Chart
Epoxy Chemicals Info and Tech Brochure
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Introducing EF-0415
FB-415 Polyamine is a low viscosity, light colored curing agent designed for flooring or coating applications. When formulated using liquid and solid A epoxy resins, this will provide a coating of unsurpassed clarity, and gloss. FB-415 Polyamine utilizes leading epoxy hardener technology and surfactant chemistry to provide excellent resistance to water spotting and leveling. Click on the icon to see the technical data sheet.
Epoxy Chemicals, Inc. has been developing epoxy hardeners for epoxy flooring for over 10 years and is proud to introduce a technical break-through for epoxy flooring technology. EF 0415 is a two component formulated epoxy that utilizes the latest technology which imparts outstanding water spot resistance, color stability, excellent gloss and film formation. The film formation is unique in proper leveling properties, air release and blush resistance. To achieve these characteristics a combination of the latest in surfactant technology and cycloaliphatic polyamine chemistry is utilized. Click on the icons to the left to see the technical data sheet and a brochure.
High Performance Epoxy Floor Binder
Introducing FB-415 Polyamine - Curing Agent
Data Sheet
Data Sheet